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Welcome 2016, After succesfull creating 2014 - 2015 version Money adder software. now we are announce our new version 2016 software. Second software are Bitcoin Adder 2016. we have been hard working to build this Bitcoin Adder 2016. everything is new inside this Bitcoin Adder 2016. we put New Formula, New Design, New Code Programming with high technolgy security plugin. This Bitcoin Adder 2016 is working powerfull and high performance to adding money. This Bitcoin Adder 2016 can adding money maximum 2.50 Btc / Days and you can make multiple account to get 2.50 Btc / Days for each account.

Inside this Bitcoin Adder 2016 we put High Security Plugin to make this software is safe and secure using. we put 4 High Security Plugin :

1. Use VPN / PROXY
2. Hide IP Address
4. Anonymous Transfer

With that security plugin you don't need to worry because all money you got from this software is safe and can be using for forever. your account also safe and untracked from bitcoin server. Just Remember to using the money wisely.

We also give you Guarantee Forever using this Bitcoin Adder 2016. 24 /7 Support if you need our help.
This Bitcoin Adder 2016 is easy to use. just install and play. No need anything requirement.

We only provide Bitcoin Adder 2016 for 250 Serious User Only


1. Sunil Chhangte From India 
2. Alemao Gaucho From Brazil
3. Kamal Ansarifrad From Iran
4. Aidil Nor Azlin From Malaysia
5. Boris Romantsev From Russia
6. Shehu Oboabona From Nigeria
7. Wu Xizhe From China
8. Thomas Bach From Germany
9. Jorg Binz From Germany
10. Barry Featherston From USA
11. Le Khanh Lam From Vietnam
12. Andy Wijaya From Indonesia
13. Bikash Ghosh From India
14. Pratum Phuk-Hom From Thailand 
15. Vladislav Dzagoev From Russia
16. Artyom Lodigin From Russia 
17. Mutunzi Derrick From Uganda
18. Mukhtar Ahmad From Unknown
 19. Sergio Nishi From Brazil
20. Roger Bosquier From France
21. Mehdi Naybet From Morocco
22. Makoto Okazaki From Japan
23. Jordan Ayew From Ghana
24. Jahid Islam Nasir From Bangladesh
25. Nour-Eldyn Idris From Egypt
26. Zouhair Achchakir From Morocco
27. Jiang Linpeng From China
28. Fyodor Mamayev From Russia
29. Kim Dong - Ho From South Korea
30. Awal Ismail From Malaysia
31. Candice Mushiane From South Africa
32. Fajar Widodo From Indonesia
 33. Joe Stewart From USA
34. Sergei Lutsky From Russia
35. Muhd Anas Khalid From Malaysia
36. Oliver Hatz From Unknown
37. Zhang Diyi From China
38. Ramesh Sharma From India
39. Mohammed Motawakkel From Morocco
40. Nsaeedd Nnazery From Iran
41. Toli Papachristopoulos From USA 
42. Adejola Chimaobi From Nigeria
43. Vsevolod Yegor From Russia
44. Smith Brown From South Africa
45. Iqbal Sentosa From Indonesia
46. Azis Jesika From Indonesia
47. Jason Hicks From Australia 
48. Rajalakshmi T From India
49. Mae Cristian From Philippines
50. Arthur Silva From Brazil
51. Lovepreet Singh From India
52. Lin Chen From Taiwan
53. Jiro Hina From Japan
54. Shobilim From Indonesia
55. Markawdweller From Nigeria 
56. Kodoki320 From Unknown
57. Aglaya Eduard From Russia
58. Bamshad Faramarz From Iran
59. Antonella Celeste From Italia
60. Ermentrud Gerhild From Germany 
61. Thijs Fleur From Netherland
62. Joao Matheus From Brazil
63. Djamel Karim From Algeria
64. Rashed Binhraiz From UAE
65. Yousra Abdel From Morroco 
66. Shabbir Ahmed From South Africa 
67. Richard Alain Abessolo From Unknown
68. Dongchul Park From Republic Of Korea
69. Rabia Tahir From Bahrain
70. Lucas Noah From Canada
71. Adjua Bour From Ghana
72. Robust Toledo From Philippines
73. Mishael Zoha From Pakistan
74. Kheezran Minz From Pakistan
75. Pauled Thaminia From Venezuela
76. Ryoichi Nobu From Japan
77. Nitin Thakur From India
78. Mathis Clement From France
79. Unknown From United Kingdom
80. Christiana Orumu From Canada
81. Shoaib Ahmed From Pakistan
82. Farrokh Hooman From Iran
83. Krikor Artinian From USA
84. Mohammad Salari From Iran
85. Mohammad Rezghi From Iran 
86. Marvin Grace From Philippines
87. Mohsen Sara From Iran
88. Nomaan Maqba From Bahrain
89. Rohit Sharma From UK
90. Kamnan Channarong From Thailand
91. Omar Nazim From Algeria
92. Agyei Badu From Ghana
93. Burkhart From Germany
94. Puskal Bharati From Nepal
95. Poudel Umesh From Nepal
96. Igor Vlad From Ukraine
97. Fardin Mehedi From Bangladesh
98. Francesco Davide From Italy
99. Salvatore Roberto From Italy
100. Benjamin Isaac From Ghana
101. Marie Joyce Vallar From Philippines 
102. Saeed Kolerna From Iran
103. Chatrasuda From Thailand 
104. Manish Pandey From India
105. Nana Kwame From Nigeria 
106. Wolfgang Kilian From Germany
107. Tino Funk From Germany 
108. Sandy Yugi R From Indonesia
      109. Mohd Hairul Hisham From Malaysia
110. Churai Dok Phi Sua From Thailand
111. Mathapun Tirajunsin From Thailand
112. Akhil Tamboli From India
113. Taha Bouchra From Algeria
114. Werner Lotter From Unknown
115. Ammar Sheref From Egypt
116. Roman Petro From Ukraine
117. Alexandr Yaroslaw From Ukraine
118. ปฏิวัติ ศรีละมูล From Thailand
119. Piter Alex From Iran
120. Enrico Matteo From Italy
121. Kamal Jahanshah From Iran
122. Bunrith Ros From Cambodia
123. Fahmi S From Indonesia
124. Alo Pruel From Estonia
125. Gpower 600 From France
126. Umar Rizqi From Malaysia
127. Joe Vannie Pagaura From Philippines
128. Kolawole Oluwaseun From Nigeria
129. Hari Sucahyo From Indonesia
    130. Salem Mohammad From Iran
131. Rajesh Kumar From India
132. Milad Jamshidian From Iran
133. Kgotso Mohlamme From South Africa
134. Milad Pardaz From Iran
135. M. Tejo Kumar From India
136. Viki Druskovic From Slovenia 
137. Enna Eirral From Philippines
138. Sihle Sibisi From South Africa
139. Kim Thuy Minh From Vietnam
140. Rob Horton From Ghana
141. Bilal Waqar Hasan From Pakistan
142. Mostafa Tarek From Egypt
143. Ruben Gijs From Netherland
144. Alfredas Benas From Lithuania
145. Gyeong Chul From South Korea
146. Iwan Chandra From Indonesia
147. Alvaro Belinha From Portugal
148. Basilio From Spain
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150. Khalil Bechir From Tunisia
151. Abdou Kerym From Tunisia
152. Cute Rahaf From Jordan
153. Jimmy Chang From Taiwan 
154. Daniel Mahecha From Colombia
155. Bayram Aygun From Turkey

156. Segun Adebayo From Nigeria
157. Felix Edouard From Canada
158. Chaoxiang From China
159. Bjorn Asmund From Denmark 
160. Mona Kazemloo From Iran
161. Dimitri Fabien From France 
162. Bassam Siraj From Saudi Arabian
163. Marcos Bartolo From Mexico
164. Muhammad Zahid From Pakistan 
165. Michael Jacob From USA
166. Ethan Tyler From USA
167. Ryan Adam From Canada
168. William Ka Shing From Hongkong
169. Fang Tanakorn From Thailand
170. Piyapat Kulapichitr From Thailand
171. Dantes Antonio Palma From Venezuela
172. Svyatoslav Oxana From Ukraine
173. Tahir Javed From Pakistan
174. Collins Banje From Nigeria
175. Aristarchos Dareios From Greece
176. Omonigho Obasare From Nigeria
177. Lisa Mbobo From South Africa
178. Isaac Reinaldo Rueda From Venezuela 
179. Astrid Stapel From Indonesia
180. Thuan Chi Hong From Vietnam
181. John Barton From Singapore 
182. Ebenezer Opoku Twum From Nigeria
183. Unknown From USA 
184. Adalberto From Portugal
185. Bittor Agueda From Spain
186. Hatice Gursel From Turkey
187. Big Daddy From Unknown
188. Parsa Badri From Pakistan
189. Isaac Yann From Ivory Coast 
190. Dr. Shantnu Jivani From India 
191. Seo-Jin Won From South Korea
192. Eduardo Fethee From Brazil
193. Lourival Serrou Camy Neto From Brazil
194. On Khun Mae From Thailand
195. Evan Guytrah From Uganda
196. Nazif Bin Nani From Malaysia
197. Abhik Dhaval From India
198. Go Pandey From India
199. Patricia Goyo From Japan
200. Time Entertainment From South Africa
201. Maxim Grigory From Russia
202. Taiwo Beyioku From Nigeria
203. Javier Horacio From Mexico
204. Alexander Dallman From Germany
205. Fatemeh Torabi From Iran
206. Stellah Ulriksen From Norwegia 
207. Hristo Sasho From Bulgaria
208. Fernand Eloi Fro France
209. Vytautas Goda From Lithuania
210. Do Gun Woo From South Korea
211. Atish Auchare From India
212. Viktor Katiusca From Venezuela
213. Almudena Cleto From Spain
214. Fernando Harkaitz From Spain
215. Joaquin Jamee From Uruguay
216. Chavdar Damyan From Bulgaria  
217. Driss Tabo From Morocco 
218. Praju Raj From India
219. Vipin Thandarai From India
220. Michael Jacob From USA
221. Abdul Raheem From Saudi Arabia
222. Binu  Philip From India
223. Danielus Benediktus From Lithuania
224. Tony Ortega From Nigeria
225. Guifre Herbeto From Spain
226. Patrick Lucas From Austria
227. Jarka Konrad From Czech Republic
228. Rs Vishnu From Malaysia 
229. Bahar Dutman From Turkey
230. Fahriye Eylul From Turkey 
231. Bernard A From Philippines
232. Jkameronv From Russia   

Here is Video Of Bitcoin Adder 2016 :

Here is Screenshot of  Bitcoin Adder 2016 :

 Instruction How To Use :

2. Insert The Key and Click OPEN, if you don't have the key please click INFO and BUY KEY button to follow how to get the key.
3. Then Click CONTINUE, 
4. Then input Your BITCOIN WALLET ADDRESS & Choose how much Amount you want Max 2.50 Btc / Days.
6. Choose you account Server ( Blockchain or  Coinbase )
7. Then Click ADD MONEY button.
8. Wait Until Show notification Successfully.
9. Then You can check your BITCOIN WALLET Account Balance.
10. Enjoy!!
   new proof


3 التعليقات:

  1. I bought the software rfcpooll miner status v2 on 04/12/16 and I sent more than 10 emails that I had made the payment, done the file download and until today I did not receive the serial key and received no response from any email I sent . I would like to see how we can resolve this situation. My email is dyef.bittencourt@hotmail.com and my id is "gen1512". I am sure you are a responsible and respected company in the market. I hope that someone responsible for the software solves this situation, because if they were in my place they would also be wanting to solve this situation as soon as possible.

  2. Hello
    Happy New Year
    I love this software
    I have already in the past
    The software does not work in 2017. Why?
    Please send me a link to download software