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Winrar and Winzip Password Finder v7.0 2016

Winrar and Winzip Password Recovery 2016 v7.0

Update 2016 August

I know many people of us really hate a winrar file protected with password and I'm also,so I'm decide code a program called WinRAR Password Cracker to solve this problem (also does winzip).

The purpose of password cracking might be to help a user recover a forgotten password (though installing an entirely new password is less of a security risk, but involves system administration privileges), to gain unauthorized access to a system, or as a preventive measure by system administrators to check for easily crackable passwords. On a file-by-file basis, password cracking is utilized to gain access to digital evidence for which a judge has allowed access but the particular file's access is restricted.
Many hackers usually protect their powerful programs (such as: Microsoft points generator) with a password to avoid it being patched.
WinRAR Password Cracker allows you to recover/crack your lost password for WinRAR/RAR files easily and effectively. The application try to unlock your winrar file by two different ways. One is brute-force password recovery, which will test all possible combinations of characters. The other way is dictionary password recovery, which will test passwords from a carefully defined password lists. It is pretty easy to use, no skill needed.

Download WinRar and WinZip Password Hacker 2016 v7.0
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