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priv8 Imminent Monitor 3 | The Fastest RAT | Miner | Reverse Proxy

priv8 Imminent Monitor 3 | The Fastest RAT | Miner | Reverse Proxy 
Imminent Monitor added a new feature in v3. This new feature being the Crypto Miner. This can be used to force your bots to mine Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many other online currencies. This feature is awesome because now you no longer have to make/buy a silent miner.
1. Once on the home screen of Imminent Monitor, click on the Builder tab.

2. In the box next to IP/DNS, enter your No-IP Hostname. 

3. In the box next to Port, enter the port that you Port Forwarded in your router. 

4. Put the Server ID as anything you want. Wave your mouse over the characters in the mutex for a few seconds.

5. Go to the Installation tab. 
Here, you can add the server to startup. This means it will run every time the client turns on their computer. I recommend that you use HKCU and not the other options because then it does not matter if the client is an administrator or not. At the top, you can pick where to install the file to. I recommend that you do not pick Temp as the files in the temp folder are not needed and people use tools like CCleaner a lot to clear the Temp folder. You can call the file and folder whatever you want, but if you want it to keep more hidden, I recommend that you use a name that looks legit and people wouldnt deem suspicious.

6. Go to the Protector Settings tab.
Here I recommend that you keep everything as it is. If you disable Task Manager, people will become suspicious really quick so I would not recommend it. Registry Persistance and Attempt BSOD on kill can sometimes not work and sometimes mess up the file a little from my experience so I wouldnt recommend them.

7. Go to the Assembly Settings tab.
I recommend that you just click generate until you find something good that looks legit. Also, a good thing to do is to sometimes get the title of a generated assembly and then use it as the folder and file name in the installation tab for it to look more legit.

8. Go to the Final Build Settings tab.
If you would like to give the file an icon, select 'Enable Icon Changer' and browse for the icon you want. It must be a .ico file. If you want to keep the settings saved so you do not have to type them in again if you want them again, tick 'Save Settings'. If you want the file to be crypted so that it is not detected by Anti-VIruses, select 'Crypt File (FUD)'.

9. Go out of the builder and click on 'Settings'. Here, add your Port Forwarded port and start listening. Then whenever someone runs your file, you will get them in the 'Clients' section of your RAT.

10. After the last step, you can upload your file to a website for people to download. You can also upload it on a virus scanning website if you want to see what the detection rate is. Then you are done!
Step #1 - Mining Pool & Wallet

At this point, I assume that you already have bots/botnet. In this tutorial I will be mining Bitcoin using Slush's Pool. You must first have a wallet.

Go to 
https://coinbase.com and register to get a wallet. You will need to verify with an email so make sure you us a valid email. Once you are logged in, go to the Account Settings tab then go to the Bitcoin Addresses sub-tab. Finally click Create New Address. Now either copy this down for later or keep a tab of this open for later referencing. Please not that I already have 2 addresses, you will only need one.


Now its time to join a Mining Pool and make a worker.

Go to 
https://mining.bitcoin.cz and once again register and verify your account. When you click on the link to verify your account, you will be automatically assigned a worker and password for the worker. The screen with look like this except with a different username in front of the worker and a different password.


Go back to the main page or go to https://mining.bitcoin.cz/accounts/login/ and login using the credentials used earlier. When you first login, you should see this page.


Now is when you need your Bitcoin Wallet address. If you saved it earlier you can copy and paste it into the Bitcoin Address section. If you did it like I did and just left the tab open, you can also copy and paste from Coinbase.


On this page, I would recommend you set Send Threshold to 0.01 (the smallest you can go with Slush's Pool). Finally click save. Make sure you either copy your worker name and password or keep the tab open.


You can also edit and add more workers on this page but that is unnecessary for this tutorial.

Hi guys, so as the title says this Tutorial will be about how to setup the miner in Imminent Monitor 3. I feel that this tutorial is necessary because many customers don't know how to use it in the recent update. I think it would be a great addition to the many Imminent Monitor tutorials and I think Shockwave would find this tutorial very helpful to both him and you guys as it takes a lot of load off of him and also shows you guys the customers how to use it.

First start by Right Clicking on your client, and then selecting Crypto Miner.

You will be presented with this new window.

Now Select your client and click the "New Miner" button, located at the bottom right hand corner of the window and you will be presented with yet another window.

In this window you put your miner and pool details, like so. (It's important that you don't forget the "stratum+tcp://" otherwise this wont work)

Once done click Start mining, you'll notice that the status of the miner will say "Downloading Files" this is because Imminent Monitor 3 doesn't come with the miner files in the stub which is good because otherwise the stub would be big. When its finished downloading you'll see that it has started from the status tab.


We can verify its working by looking at the GPU Temperature in a program like Speccy, and if done in Sandboxie the process "vbc.exe" will start and will tell you the stats in a cmd window.


Usually most coin sites take up to an hour to update your miner statistics so if your stats aren't shown on the website straight away don't panic, verify everything is working by testing it in Sandboxie.
this is a cracked version i will not provide any support of any kind 
this crack i found on underground forums and am not held liable for what you do with this 

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