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Amiros KeyLogger V 1.0 hack facebook emails paypal steam all acounts 2016

Amiros KeyLogger  V 1.0

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About:Amiros KeyLogger  V 1.0 has been developed for Couple of Reasons:
1- Enough with these Not Working Loggers over there...
2- Now you have a Free Logger that works 100 % Sure...
3- New Coders, now you can Learn from the Source and Develop your stuff without asking the help of anybody and without getting flamed; because we know that Mother Fuckers are everywhere...
4- We are also Offering a Full Live Support if you need Anything... Just PM Me and I will get to you as fast as I can....

                                         DOWNLOAD HER
                             Free Amiros KeyLogger v1.0.zip



1- Built in Stub
2- Get Tons of Information about the Victim (Computer User, Computer Name, Computer Total Physical Memory, Victim's IP Address, Victim's Country, Date, etc...)
3- Send logs to SMTP Severs and FTP
4- SMTP (Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo)
5- Test Mail Functionality (Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo)
6- Test FTP Functionality
7- Continuously Send Logs without Fail
8- Custom Logs Sending Interval (Which means you Choose when the Logs are sent to you)
9- Logs Every Single Thing on the Keyboard (Letters(Up Cases and Low Cases) - Numbers - Symbols - Specific Keys ([F1], [F2], [Home], etc...))
10- Works on all Operating Systems (Window XP, Window Vista, Window 7 (32 and 64 bit)
11- Hide Functionality (Make the Server Invisible to the Naked eye)
12- Never Crashes in Victim's Computer (Will always be working whatever happens)
13- Simple and Easy to use GUI
14- Customer Server Name
15- Sends Clean and Very Organized Logs
16- Can be Used as a Keylogger - Stealer - Worm - Spreader and more by just Checking Few Boxes


1- USB Spreader
2- LAN Spreader
3- P2P Spreader
4- RAR Spreader


1- Firefox 4/5/6/7/8/9
2- Google Chrome All Versions
3- Opera All Versions
4- Internet Explorer 7/9
5- Steam Stealer
6- CD Keys (up to 300)

Anti Killers:

1- Anti Nod32 (All Versions)
2- Anti Kaspersky (All Versions)
3- Anti BitDefender (All Versions)
4- Anti MalwareBytes (All Versions)
5- Anti Norman (All Versions)
6- Anti WireShark (All Versions)
7- Anti Anubis (All Versions)
8- Anti KeyScrambler (All Versions)
9- Anti Ollydbg (All Versions)
10- Anti Outpost (All Versions)
11- Anti ZoneAlaram (All Versions)


1- Disable RUN
2- Disable Registry
3- Disable CMD
4- Disable Right Click
5- Disable Task Manager
6- Disable System Restore


1- Delete FireFox Cookies
2- Delete Google Chrome Cookies
3- Delete Internet Explorer Cookies

Download And Execute:

Add any Link that Leads to any kind of File and this File will be Downloaded and Execute Automatically and Anonymously 

Webpage Loader:

Add any Link and it will be Automatically Loaded on the Victim's PC

Fake Message:

Write any kind of Message and you can choose Any kinds of Types for it and it will Automatically Appear on the Victim's Computer

Built Ins:

1- Icon Changer
2- File Pumper (the Server size will never change even if the Server was Zipped or Extracted)
3- Assembly Changer

Updates for V 1.5:

1- Logs Sending bug Fixed
2- Firefox Stealer bug fixed
3- Google Chrome Stealer works for All Versions
4- Assembly Changer added
5- Some small bugs has been also fixed.
6- Unknown Logger is now Faster and use Less CPU
7- Unknown Logger created Server is now Faster, use Less CPU and is more stable...
8- Unknown Logger is now more Secured.

Amiros KeyLogger  V 1.0

1- The Unknown - Coder
2- Speed13 - Coder Assistant (That's my Teacher...)
3- Gogoli - (FF Stealer 4/5 - GC Stealer - Opera Stealer)
4- AeonHack - Theme

                                        DOWNLOAD HER
                             Free Amiros KeyLogger v1.0.zip

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